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My father, a wise old man, always used to say; .... "If you are asked to make but one toast to any man, toast him this........


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Life and living in Ulverston, the Lake District Peninsulars and South Cumbria

SATURDAY 1st August.

Todays thoughts : Do it my way.


FRIDAY 31st July

A lovely day. Good weather and good business and worked till nearly 7. Met up later with Willy and several others and had a good night out. The Gill is marked with a variety of paint identification marks. Whatever is going on? It's August tomorrow. How come that has come around so quickly? Soon they will be selling Christmas Trees and singing carols.

THURSDAY 30th July.

A beautifully sunny morning.   Helen picked me up at 8.45 and we went through to Little Urswick to collect the Jag at the Showground where I had left it overnight.  Crowds in town including lots of monks from the Manjushri Institute who gather at the Monastery fro their annual conference.  They come from around the world and camp in the grounds.  Had a  very busy day,  again.  And that's good, not finishing till just before 6.  The Quiz was good with 21 teams this week.  A couple of the he Team Names were particularly good. " Breaking News;  Apple have abandoned plans to build Cruise liners after their prototype "The iTanic" kept SYNCING every time it DOCKED!".  and the winner was this one;  "What have Julie Andrews and Sepp Blatter got in common?  They both like Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String!"  Brilliant!

WEDNESDAY 29th July.

Show Day!  A bright sunny morning!  Picked Helen up at 9.30 and off to the show.  There were already queues to get in as early as that.  Got a good ringside position and then we had a nice cruise around and met up with lots of lovely people.  Went to all of the marquees and admired all the wonderful exhibits.  We enjoyed a  splendid picnic washed down  with copious amounts of Prosecco.  We were joined by Willy,  then Maggie and Peter,  Ged and Andrea with little Cohen,  Bryn and Val.  Had a really super day out and the show was splendid.  The taxi picked us up at 6.45 and back into town to the Farmers.  We were able to stand outside as it was such qa lovely evening.  Then off to the Big Kings and finally for a curry at the British Raj.  Quite a day.

TUESDAY 28th July.

Changeable weather yet again.  Some rain,  mist,  then a touch of sunshine.  Then back to dampness!  And it is the North Lonsdale Agricultural Show  on Wednesday.  The forecast is quite good but it is likely to be a bit soft underfoot so it's Wellies to the ready!  It is always a fabulous show and as always too there are  busses direct to the Showground ( Little Urswick) from Barrow and Ulverston.  We will be there early to get our favourite Ringside position and will be joined a by a good group of lovely friends.  Lots to eat and drink.  Then a taxi into town at 6 to round off the day.  Super. 

MONDAY 27th July.

Pretty ropey weather yet again!  Had a big job across at Millom and the Duddon and got on famously.  Rather disappointed that Haverigg Fish and Chip Shop ( surely one of the best chippies for miles) was CLOSED!  Tragedy!There seems to be a  lot of activity in The Gill with Surveyors with their equipment looking very serious.  I wonder what they are up to? At a guess I think they may be  attending to the re-lining of the culvert that carries the Gill UNDER  the Gill.  Should be interesting.  Had a very nice curry at Clare's.  She showed me the photos of her recent holiday in Crete.  Looks a lovely place.  Watched Newcastle beat Kent on UC.  Up the Geordies!  Saw a further episode of the Bookies Programme  ( Betting is a MUGS GAME.  I keep telling you all.  It's just for a bit of fun).  On iPlayer I watched Jools Holland again.  Brill.

The Lake District weather as it really happens .. !

A lovely sunny morning.

SATURDAY 1st August 2015. , 8.30am

Racing tips from Ralph Spours

Straight from the horses mouth :

Date :SATURDAY 1st August

Racing Selections;

Far too many to pick from.  I remain CAUTIOUS!


The Bookies will win eventually!  Look what happened to Annie Power at Cheltenham!  Odds on favourite ( 1/2 ).  Couldn't lose!  5 lengths ahead of the field and FELL at the last! The Bookies  went home with "Bulging Satchels" and that was only the First Day of 4. If you are lucky enough to win,  just remember that the Bookie is just LENDING you the dosh!  HE WILL GET IT BACK!

Remember to only bet what you can afford to lose, as its all just for a bit of fun.  The Bookies win in the end!  

If you win,  it is only ON LOAN to you from the bookies.  THEY WILL GET IT BACK!

Have you ever wondered how bookies  have wives dripping in gold jewellery, manage to live in classy houses and drive flashy cars?  Just think about it for a moment or two.  You will soon figure it out!

Good Luck!