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Life and living in Ulverston, the Lake District Peninsulars and South Cumbria

Friday 24th November 2017.

Todays thoughts : Seize the day!

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25th/26th NOVEMBER; 


COSTUME HIRE;  Go to see Michelle Scrogham at PURE in the Market Place.  She has a catalogue for you to pick from. 

What a weekend in store!





FRIDAY 24th November.

Thank you for all your eMails!   I have just checked on my Statcounter which shows where the device that you are using is located ( very clever equipment?).  So I have and idea how spread my readers are,  reading this silly Blog and it includes;  Zhengzhou in China.  Tauranga in New Zealand and Mountain View in California USA!    Why do you not send me an eMail telling me who you are and where you are and I will list some tomorrow?  The seemingly continuous rainfall has caused widespread disruption  to the  roads and rail services and lots of damage to buildings and businesses.   We even had a leak in the Grand Hall at the Mansion and that will never do! Lots of cars were stranded  when trying to navigate through flooded roads,  thereby causing yet more disruption to other road users.  The emergency services were working flat out, rescuing folk and baling out their flooded properties.  Well done all you guys!

And a big question in Ulverston;  WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO LLOYDS/TSB BANK?   Closed yesterday and closed today!

Thursday 23rd November

Thank you for all your emails! JINNY TOMLINSON especially asked me to mention her on my blog as she says  " it would make my day".  So I hope I've "made your day"  Jinny!  There was quite a response to the Budget and for the housing business,  with the changes to Stamp Duty and the commitment to build more houses.  Generally speaking is seems the Budget was welcomed.

Have you noticed the quality of the adverts on tv?  Is it just me or are they getting worse and "vague" in their intended message?  WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Send me an email to ralphspours@btconnect.com with your view.

WEDNESDAY 22nd November.

It's BUDGET DAY.   What will the Chancellor deliver to the country?   What would YOU like to see?  Where should the money be spent?  WHAT DO YOU THINK?  Let me know  by sending an email to;  ralphspours@btconnect.com  and let me know!

 TUESDAY  21st November.

I'm back from London!

I had a lovely few days with my daughter travelling there and back on the wonderful Virgin West Coast train ( 10.28am from Ulverston arrive Euston 2.12pm)  Smooth and slick.

I read about the DVLA complaining that there are lots and lots of cars which are now NOT TAXED since the abolition of the paper disc that all vehicles carried in their windscreen.  Surprising?  Hardly.  What they are finding is that many owners are registering their vehicles as SORN so their non-application for a road fund license  is not followed up.   They expect everyone to apply and follow up everything on-line.  WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Also,  have you heard of the head teacher who has  BANNED the children from using  SPARKLE on Christmas Cards   " as it damages the environment".  WHAT DO YOU THINK?

You can give me your views by getting in touch on  ralphspours@btconnect.com    I look forward to hearing your views.

The Lake District weather as it really happens .. !

IT's been raining again and there is much flooding as a consequence.

FRIDAY 24th November, 8.30am

Racing tips from Ralph Spours

Straight from the horses mouth :

Date :FRIDAY 24th November 2017

NO tips for today.!


Please take note of the following;

Good Luck and only put on what you are prepared to LOSE!

Please do remember, "When the fun stops, STOP!"

Good Luck and be Cautious!  Enjoy your racing!

Remember what I have always said.  It is all just for a bit of fun. 


If you do WIN, be warned that the Bookies are only LENDING you the dosh.  They will get it back.  That's a Racing Certainty!


Have you ever wondered how bookies  have wives dripping in gold jewellery, manage to live in posh houses and drive flashy cars?  Just think about it for a moment or two.  You will soon figure it out!

Good Luck!