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Life and living in Ulverston, the Lake District Peninsulars and South Cumbria

FRIDAY 23rd March 2018

Todays thoughts : All Glory is Fleeting

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FRIDAY 23rd March

Very windy but a bit milder.  A tree has come down on the A590 near to Rusland Pool  and the Police are  controlling the traffic as the tree is removed.  No great hold up ,  just a couple of minutes or so.  It was the LAST quiz at the Rose last night and THERE IS NO QUIZ  next Thursday as it is Maundy Thursday.  The next quiz will be at the totally refurbished Farmers on Thursday 5th April.  BE THERE!!!  The grand  re-opening of the Farmers is on MONDAY 26th at 9am.  Very exciting to see just what a fabulous job they have done.

THURSDAY 22nd March.

A chilly day and I felt it as I attended the Spring Equinox ceremony at the Stone Circle on Birkrigg.  So it's officially SPRING now and the hour gets altered this weekend so don't forget  ( Spring forward.....).  Had a report to compose  across in the Whicham Valley and what a  very pleasant ride it was a over there as I saw lots of wild Daffodils,  Snowdrops and Crocus.  Always a very beautiful sight. I know I go on a bit about how wonderful this part of the world it is but I do it with clear justification! 

The Lake District weather as it really happens .. !

Vey windy but milder.

FRIDAY 23rd March 2018., 8.30am

Racing tips from Ralph Spours

Straight from the horses mouth :

Date :FRIDAY 23rd March 2018

NO selections for today.

Good luck!  Bet responsibly!


Please take note of the following;

Good Luck and only put on what you are prepared to LOSE!

Please do remember, "When the fun stops, STOP!"

Good Luck and be Cautious!  Enjoy your racing!

Remember what I have always said.  It is all just for a bit of fun. 


If you do WIN, be warned that the Bookies are only LENDING you the dosh.  They will get it back.  That's a Racing Certainty!


Have you ever wondered how bookies  have wives dripping in gold, live in posh houses and drive flashy cars?  Just think about it for a moment or two.  You will soon figure it out!

Good Luck!