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WEDNESDAY 4th March 2015.

A glorious morning. This is spring! Across to Kirkby first thing and I always revel in that drive over the top of Kirkby Moor and often pause to take in the fabulous panorama.    I took part of the afternoon off.  Got a copy of the Telegraph and took off for Gummers How.  hardly anyone there and I enjoyed sitting in the sunshine and soaking up the view.  I attended a Council Meeting of the Royal Society of St George at the Lisdoonie.  Preps are now all finalised for the dinner to be held on Friday 24th April and it should be yet another great success.  The meeting did go on for a while and I didn't get back to Ulverston till just before 9.  Got changed and out to join some pals at The Rose for. Music Night.  A very pleasant evening ensued.

TUESDAY 3rd March 2015.

A mix of weather again.  Bright sunshine,  then a hailstorm, then sunshine again.  English weather at it's best?  Out and about and it's lovely to see a glimpse of the snow on "the tops".  What a wonderful place to live and work?  What a lucky man I am.  My "Man Flu"  coughs and sneezes are getting better but still not fully "there" yet.   It will be only  a couple of weeks before the hour goes on  (Spring forward ) and with the continual improvement in temperatures it will be most welcome.  The Daffodils at the foot of Hoad are bursting though more and more,  each time I drive past.  They were planted many years ago by Ulverston Rotary Club and they put a smile on everyone's face when they see them with their shining yellow faces.  The Daffs that is,  NOT the Rotarians!

MONDAY 2nd March 2015.

A cold and blustery day!  Feels like the depths of winter again!  The forecasters though, (  I hope they are correct ) are saying that by the weekend it should "be more like spring with the temperatures around 50F ".  Now that would be nice?  It's pleasant to see the Daffodils along the foot of Hoad getting ready to burst and put a smile on everyone's face.  Have you noticed the Daffodils in Abbey Road?  They are ALWAYS more advanced on one side of the road than the other?  Just check next time you drive past Abbey House.  Had a lovely Prawn Curry courtesy of Clare and Martin ( my very own Meals on Wheels ) and stayed in for the evening.  UC was brilliant with Cambridge just pinching the lead after Oxford had  led throughout the contest.  Practised Jessica.

Another day in the, very full, and exciting,  life of a Lake District  Market -Town Estate Agent.

I am proud to be


To help enrich your day,  I try to include  much more information than you might normally expect on an Estate Agent's website. This is for you to digest and enjoy.   If you have an idea you think I should adopt, and would  make my website even better, then please, do get in touch by sending an eMail to;   NOW!

What the Cumbrian skies bring us today :
A pleasant morning though overcast. Less cold. Getting even warmer by the weekend.

THURSDAY 5th March 2015. , 8.30am

The Lake District weather as it really happens ..

Racing tips from Ralph Spours

Straight from the horses mouth :

Date : THURSDAY 5th March 2015.

NONE for today.  Get ready for Cheltenham!

Found 2 winners from 4 selections on Friday and 2 more from 4 on Saturday!

Remember to only bet what you can afford to lose, as its all just for a bit of fun.  The Bookies win in the end!  

If you win,  it is only ON LOAN to you from the bookies.  THEY WILL GET IT BACK!

Have you ever wondered how bookies  have wives dripping in gold jewellery, manage to live in classy houses and drive flashy cars?  Just think about it for a moment or two.  You will soon figure it out!

Good Luck!