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Life and living in Ulverston, the Lake District Peninsulars and South Cumbria

SATURDAY 22nd July.2017.

Todays thoughts : Carpe Diem! Sieze the Day!

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Great Urswick


FRIDAY 21st July.

Really,  this lousy weather just has to improve.  It's mid-summer and folk are wearing heavy jackets today.  Nick and Jane, my friends  who live in Cyprus will be smirking no doubt, as its about 33 degrees there right now!   Helen and I set about re-organising the Office Window and we are pleased with the result.  I await comments from Jo Public.   Some minor road repairs were being carried out again,  at Swarthmoor.  It doesn't take long for the queues to build up!  I went out for Early Doors and the town was packed with lots of teachers celebrating the end of their year and looking forward to 43 days holiday.

THURSDAY 20th July.

Crowds in town as it's Market Day and there are lots of stalls so it's a bit like it used to be every Thursday in Ulverston. A lovely atmosphere pervades the town.  I did a very interesting viewing of a rather exotic house and I rather think something good will come of it.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  So is my Bank Manager. I attended a very crowded Auction at the Coro.  it really was packed.  I attend these auctions regularly and I have never seen such a big crowd.  I had one of my Properties  on the  auction list and am very happy to report that it sold!  the Farmers's Quiz was great fun and the Rollover ( £133.25 ) was WON by Bill Little.  Again.

Wednesday 20th July

Devastating news for Ulverston today,  with the announcement that GSK will NOT be getting on with the £350million development of their Ulverston facility and that they will be looking for a buyer for the site. This is after a "re-appraisal of their world-wide business".   They have already invested a massive amount of money with the new roads,  roundabout and the wonderful administration block.  Bad news.  Not the sort of thing that I want to report on my blog.  The thunderstorms that were forecast  in Ulverston eventually arrived at about 5 and they came with a vengeance!  Wonderful nature!  Our street was a torrent!  Get up to see the waterfalls now!


Ulverston Carnival Sponsored Stocks

Here is a list of those Brave Souls in the Sponsored Stocks this year, ( Raising £5218 in 30 minutes),   in no particular order;

Wendy The Capitola, Rob Cairns, Graham Scrogham,  Tony Martinez,  Jackie and Bethany Graham-Kevan, James Crayston, Mark Hornby,  Simon Barton  (Decking Doctor),  Colin Tregellis,    Emma Thompson,  Michelle Salisbury,  Sandra Buck (The Barber Shop),  Graham Dickinson,  John McKeown,  Bob Needham, Martin Chapman,  Craig Sherrington ( Virginia House), Joanne Clayton-Brown ( Hope and Anchor) and ME!

If you,  or you know of someone who,  would like to be part of this team for 2018,  then please let me know.  You  MUST be able to guarantee at least £100 in sponsorship money though!  The current team managed an AVERAGE of £260 each!!  Can you match that? 

Do you want to be part of this elite club?



Do you want  your Club, Organisation,  Company,  Business,  Family or Street want to have a float in the Carnival next year?

Let me know, and I'll send you all the details.

The Lake District weather as it really happens .. !

Damp and the threat of some heavy rain!

SATURDAY 22nd July, 8.30am

Racing tips from Ralph Spours

Straight from the horses mouth :

Date :SATURDAY 22nd July 2017

Tips for today.


CARTMEL;  1.55;  What Happens Now.  2.30.  Ravens Hill

MARKET RASEN;  1.35.  Hestina

Maybe try a treble?  I will!

Take Care!  Only bet what you can afford to lose!


Good Luck and only put on what you are prepared to LOSE!

Remember, when the fun stops, STOP!

Good Luck and be Cautious!  Enjoy racing!

Remember what I have always said.  It is all just for a bit of fun. 




Remember that if you win, that the Bookie is just LENDING you the dosh!  HE WILL GET IT BACK!

Remember to only bet what you can afford to lose, as its all just for a bit of fun.  The Bookies win in the end!  

If you win,  it is only ON LOAN to you from the bookies.  THEY WILL GET IT BACK!

Have you ever wondered how bookies  have wives dripping in gold jewellery, manage to live in classy houses and drive flashy cars?  Just think about it for a moment or two.  You will soon figure it out!

Good Luck!