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Life and living in Ulverston, the Lake District Peninsulars and South Cumbria

FRIDAY 12th February 2016.

Todays thoughts : Come what may.


THURSDAY 11th February.

A distinctly cooler day.  Dry for mort of the time, just the occasional light shower.  Out to Coniston again on another job.  High of the fellside., and therefore commanding spectacular views of the Village and the lake itself.  How lovely!  I was treated like visiting Royalty with tea and cake.  What a lucky chap I am!   I think the Junior Doctors strike is losing the support of the general public.  I do hope there is a sensible outcome.  Have you checked the Lanky?  If no, it's too late!  the Daffodils are well through at the foot of Hoad so it won't be very long before there is a blaze of colour for us all to enjoy.  I planted some of those many ( many! ) years ago.  It's St Valentine's Day on Sunday.  Sent your card(s) yet?  Had a good Quiz with 18 teams battling it out.  Some good fun to be enjoyed by everyone.  The Rollover (93.75) was NOT WON  so it will be about 110 next week.

WEDNESDAY 10th February.

What a beautiful morning!  Blue skies and some lovely sunshine.  Out first thing to Broughton finishing around 11 and then simply "took off" for a day enjoying the fantastic scenery.  I have said it many times, and no doubt,  will say it many times more, but I am so thrilled to live and work in such a fantastic part of the world.  I never cease to be amazed at the outstanding natural beauty.  Today there was snow "on the tops".  |Surely the original "icing on the cake"?.  Went up to Coniston,  enjoyed a nice lunch and then up to Tarn Hows.  A lot of other folk had a similar idea and the car parp was pretty full.  Then home via East of eth Lake.  Parked up with a splendid , tranquil, view of the  lake,  in the sunshine,  and promptly fell asleep!  Home for a nice tea and out at 9 to the Big Kings and The Mill.  Met up with Derek, Jim and Peter and enjoyed our evening together.

TUESDAY 9th February

A bit of a mixture today on the weather front. Some nice sunshine and then a spot of rain. Had a run out to Greenodd first thing and then onwards to Lowick but miles off the main road. What a fabulous location. Not too good for the Jag. A Land Rover is more appropriate.  Called in to see my old pal Jock on the way back to the office and had a cup of tea with him.  The Lanky is just about flattened now,  so if you want a last glimpse you need to get up there smartish.  There's been an awful head-on rail crash in Germany.  10 people have been killed but I think it a miracle that there were not a lot more seeing the pictures of the two trains.  As it was Shrove Tuesday    ( Pancake Day) I did,  of course,  treat myself to some pancakes for tea.  Complete in the traditional Geordie way of lemon and sugar.  Delicious.   Watched Happy Valley as Helen had been urging me to do so.  I had not watched any previous episodes  but I must say I enjoyed it.

MONDAY 8th February.

Yet another wet and miserable day!  But the sun is always shining in my world! Plenty to do and had a couple of trips over Kirkby Moor.  They are excavating for the new windfarm and there is a lot of debris on the roads and some big lorries to avoid.  I had to turn pretty well into the ditch to avoid one and my Jag does not like that sort of thing.  I passed by the Lancastrian ( The Lanky) and a rather disappointing sight to see now.  A sign of the times.  Lack of trade.  Pubs cannot exist on Funeral Teas and a couple of swift halves on a Saturday night.  It will be well remembered when The Britton's had it.  Bouncing it was with Dinner Dances on the weekends.  Then Romeo Temperini had it. What a character he was!  There was even a fish and chip shop on the side for a while.  It had all the prospects of being a very successful business,  being positioned as it was on the edge of Croftlands Estate.  But businesses need trade.  Regular trade.  "Use it or Lose it".

The Lake District weather as it really happens .. !

Cold and dry. Some SNOW may fall on higher ground.

FRIDAY 12th February 2016., 8.30am

Racing tips from Ralph Spours

Straight from the horses mouth :

Date :FRIDAY 12th February 2016.

Racing Selections

NONE for today.  Wait till SATURDAY! 

Good Luck and be Cautious!  Enjoy racing!

Remember what I have always said.  It is all just for a bit of fun. 



The Bookies will win eventually!  Look what happened to Annie Power at Cheltenham!  Odds on favourite ( 1/2 ).  Couldn't lose!  5 lengths ahead of the field and FELL at the last! The Bookies  went home with "Bulging Satchels" and that was only the First Day of 4. If you are lucky enough to win,  just remember that the Bookie is just LENDING you the dosh!  HE WILL GET IT BACK!

Remember to only bet what you can afford to lose, as its all just for a bit of fun.  The Bookies win in the end!  

If you win,  it is only ON LOAN to you from the bookies.  THEY WILL GET IT BACK!

Have you ever wondered how bookies  have wives dripping in gold jewellery, manage to live in classy houses and drive flashy cars?  Just think about it for a moment or two.  You will soon figure it out!

Good Luck!