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Life and living in Ulverston, the Lake District Peninsulars and South Cumbria

Thursday 1st October 2015.

Todays thoughts : HOLIDAYS !!!!

What's On?

Saturday 3rd October

Apple Day at Ford Park

Apple Pressing.  Archery.  Bubble Balls.  Hog Roast.  Live Music.  Car Boot.  Cake Stall.    Demonstration Marquee.  Afternoon Teas.  Children's Activity Tent.


but Donations are gratefully received.


Friday 9th October

Heart of Ulverston Awards Gala Night

Admission by invitation only


Fashion Food and Fizz

Friday 23rd October

A fabulous evening with an exclusive  Fashion Show of all that is good to buy in Ulverston Shops,  with food and wine on the Cabaret Tables to enjoy. 

Wonderful musical entertainment.

A fabulous night!



Anchor Festival

17th - 31st October.

A Sculpture Trail of anchors celebrating the history of the Canal and present day developments.


Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th November



Friday 4th December

Ulverston Brolly Parade

A parade down the Canal Tow Path by the light of illuminated umbrellas.

Then join in with the Carol Singing at Canal Foot.




Had good day in Skiathos though the sun did not manage to penetrate the rather dense cloud!  Took the bus to Koukourianies  not much there other than the golden crescent of sand and a few bars and cafes. Stayed as long as it took and then took the bus back to Skiathos. Found a newspaper stand and bought the Telegraph. Heaven!   A couple of beers watching the world go by and the back to the Palace. A bit of a siesta the off again back to Skiathos. Lovely steak and a wander round the fabulous, intriguing, back streets of the town. Had a Guinness in the Old Port House then back to the Palace and off to bobo's.  A very pleasant day.

Sunday 28th September

What a gorgeous morning! Clear blue skies and glorious sunshine. Up pretty early as I needed to be at the boat in Skiathos by 10. Made it just in time and joined 100 others on a cruise to 3 of the islands. The boat, I'm pretty sure, was the one used in Mamma Mia. Had a lovely trip out. Lunch and beer on the boat a Nd tied up at 5.30. A lovely day. Had a beer at Biertz a "must visit" cafe/bar on a tiny peninsular. Back to the hotel on the bus getting off at '23 please' a lovely refressing shower then dinner and a couple of nightcap Amstel beers. A very nice day.

Friday 25th September

Arrived here via Enter Air. Never heard of them but excellent service and enjoyed my "couple" of g&ts's.  Arrived to lovely sunshine and28c.  Really rather nice. Straight through security and off to the Skiathos Palace. Lovely place. Showered and down for a scrummy dinner and another couple snifters then off to bobo's


Saturday 26th September


Woke up to cloudy skies but nice and warm. After breakfast off to Skiathos town. Very pretty place. Very colourful. Had a nice stroll around the harbour and found a nice place for lunch. Vast number of restaurants to choose from. Greek folk are so relaxed and ultra pleasant. Back to the hotel at 2 as the storm clouds were gathering. Boy! What a storm!  All over in a couple of hours.  Another lovely dinner and a few by the pool bar before watching England LOSE in the last 5 minutes against Wales. Brilliant match.

SATURDAY 26th SEPTEMBER; Well ......quiet an eventful few days. Ralph fancied some sunshine so thanks to Thomas Cook in Ulverston, it was booked, train tickets booked, euros purchased and packed. So at 5.30 am Helen picked him up and off to Ulverston Train Station  for the 5.47am train direct to Manchester Airport. And Ralph was off to Skiathos for some well deserved sunshine ( we didn't show him the weather forecast of thunder and lightning !!! ) We have heard from him and he is there and thoroughly enjoying himself...The forecast is much better for the next few days..which is better news. So Helen is in charge for the week !!!! Am sure he will update us with his adventures so keep an eye !!!!

TUESDAY 22nd September

A rather nice day with plenty sunshine for everyone to enjoy.  I certainly do.  Plenty to get on with and I enjoyed my day.  Work seems to be intensifying in The Gill with more cages being erected and  big equipment arriving.  They have also closed the Ellers which is the continuation of the beck.  There has not been much publicity on this item which I find a little surprising. I have heard some of the  "upset" with VW cars.  Cheating?  Can that be true? Will have to find out some more about this scandal.   Anyone who is trying to sell a VW diesel now may find it a bit tricky. I'll stick to my beautiful Jag S Type 3 litre v 6!

MONDAY 21st September.

A rather dismal morning. Cloudy. Cool. Got the heating on in the office! Plenty to do and received instructions on two beauties. A lovely 4 bed dormer bungalow and the cutest-of-cute one-bedroomed cottage.  Neither of these will be around for long I should think.  An old friend called in to see me.  He's on holiday form France and wants me to sell his "little spot" shortly.  What a beauty it is too.  I have not actually visited but I have seen the pretty pictures and they are to die for.  Might have to create a "Overseas Division" to my business?  Had a very nice tea and stopped in fro the evening watching UC.  I chose the wrong side.  Blast.

SUNDAY 20th September

A dull and rainy morning.  Ugh!  Nevertheless I followed my regular Sunday Morning Routine of a LDSB  followed by a FE,  T&M and a POSC.  Felt better then!  I pottered around all day sorting things out ready for my hols whilst enjoying some wonderful,  LOUD, music on the radio/iPlayer.  Got all W&P and out fro Cocktails @ 5.  A nice crowd out,  P & A,  D & S,  B and A.  Met a couple of old friends that I have not seen for ages and it was very nice to catch up.  I was home before 8a nd got all settled down for Downton Abbey at 9.  It was fabulous.  I,  like the rest of the nation I suspect, love that programme.  Twists and turns,  fabulous sets,  brilliant acting. Marvelous!

SATURDAY 19th September.

A beautifully sunny day. And Market Day in Ulverston too. Big Racing at Ayr fro the Silver Cup and the Gold Cup. My tip was "Don't Touch" in the Gold Cup and she was a Winner @ 6/1. Oooooh! Folding Money! Get in Ralphy!  Worked all morning and spent much of the afternoon lapping up the sunshine on the Poop Deck only coming indoors to catch my selection win the Gold Cup!  I do like winning,  and collecting, from Coral's.  Feeling much,  much better but still not 100% free of this aggravating Labyrinthitis.  I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.  I watched  South Africa v Japan. What a match!  What a  result!

The Lake District weather as it really happens .. !

Gorgeous day ....Enjoy

Monday 28th September 2015. , 8.30am

Racing tips from Ralph Spours

Straight from the horses mouth :

Date :Monday 28th September 2015.

Racing Selections

None for today.

Remember what I have always said.  It is all just for a bit of fun. 



The Bookies will win eventually!  Look what happened to Annie Power at Cheltenham!  Odds on favourite ( 1/2 ).  Couldn't lose!  5 lengths ahead of the field and FELL at the last! The Bookies  went home with "Bulging Satchels" and that was only the First Day of 4. If you are lucky enough to win,  just remember that the Bookie is just LENDING you the dosh!  HE WILL GET IT BACK!

Remember to only bet what you can afford to lose, as its all just for a bit of fun.  The Bookies win in the end!  

If you win,  it is only ON LOAN to you from the bookies.  THEY WILL GET IT BACK!

Have you ever wondered how bookies  have wives dripping in gold jewellery, manage to live in classy houses and drive flashy cars?  Just think about it for a moment or two.  You will soon figure it out!

Good Luck!